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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We scratched the itch!

Yesterday we hooked up the boat and headed out for Sprague Lake, WA for a day of fishing.  The weather was sunny, about 50 degrees with no breeze to speak of.  We got launched and started the hunt.  The Lowrance Fish Finder was showing 8' to 20'depths with the fish hanging out between 4' and 12' at the deepest so it is a light rig set-up to try to keep the lures in the zone.

My son-in-law landed a 4# 19" Rainbow and a 3# 17" Rainbow both on rigs made by WDSTK3 Hand Crafted Lures.  The 4 pounder was caught with a two blade troll made on a wire shaft and towing a Muddler Minnow on about 20 inches of leader and the three pounder with a Fly Spinner strung on 24 inches of 10 lb. test Stren leader I made with a Wooly Bugger fly attached.  I had four strong strikes but I think because my rod was in a holder I didn't get gathered up in time to set the hook and land a fish.  My son-in-law had the same experience and lost several. The two he caught was while he was holding his pole and got a good hook set.  Lesson learned?  Maybe.


Leah said...

hmmm, Im thinking, maybe you should be holding onto your pole...just saying...

WDSTK3 said...

Yup. Just read several articles on setting the hook...can't be done with the rod stuck in a holder.