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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lousy Weather, Great Fishing!

It was windy and cold when we launched from the public ramp at Deer Lake, Stevens County about 0730 yesterday morning.  We headed toward the neck at the NE corner of the lake where we could get some shallower water rather than the 55'-75' showing across the middle of the lake.  When we headed up the inlet the wind was worse and, of course, seemed colder. The finder was picking up a few fish as we made our way to the back end where we turned around and headed out and started down the East side of the lake and found calmer water.  We didn't start catching until we got into 8'-10' water.  I caught first using my Wdstk3 Handcrafted Rainbow Rapier Fire and Ice harness on 2' of 10# Stren leader attached to a two blade trolling shaft I also make.  We use these sets in shallow water where they run about 4'-8' deep and about 20'-30' behind the boat on the slowest possible troll.  I ended up with my limit of five and my son-in-law ended up with two...after he changed to a set-up like mine using one of my two blade trolling shafts and a Rainbow Rapine Fire and Ice built on a  stainless steel wire shaft.

In Spokane my Rainbow Rapine and Rapier Series of lures in Fire and Ice, Sassafras, Indian Summer, and Purple Haze can be seen and obtained at Best Buy Surplus 2516 E. Sprague Ave.  If you don't see them, ask for my WDSTK3 Handcrafted Lures.  I will also have them up on this Blog in the next few days.

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