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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Rapier and Rapine Crawler Harness and Spinner Line-up.

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On the left are the "Angels Kiss" (AK) and on the right the "Fire and Ice" (FI).  At the top are the "Rapine"  spinner model built on a SS wire shaft with a #1 split ring and a Mustad #6 Limerick hook.  Across the bottom are the "Rapier" harness model built on 24" of 10# Stren Original line and a Mustad #6 Limerick hook tied with a Palomar knot.

On the left are the "Indian Summer" (IS) and on the right the "Olivine" (OL)  At the top are the "Rapine" model and on the bottom the "Rapier" model.

On the left are the "Northern Lights" (NL) and on the right the "Sassasfras" (SF).  Across the top are the "Rapine" model and across the bottom the "Rapier" model.

On the left are the "Rapier" model.  The top and middle are "Ruby Red"/"Olivine combination and the bottom is a "Ruby Red".  On the right are the "Rapine" model in the same color combination s.

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Various spinner blades are available.  The above feature #2 French, #3 Worth Swing, #3 Colorado, #3 Indiana.  The beads are Czech firepolished glass.  On the "Rapier" harness models I use 24" of #10 Stren Original line and #6 Mustad Limerick hooks tied with a Palomar knot.  I use the Mustad Limerick hook exclusively usually tipped with a live maggot or piece of night crawler as I have found I get excellent hook-ups and have yet had a fish swallow a hook.  I have also had good hook-ups on Kokanee using white ShoePeg corn and a maggot.  I have some sets in which I use a Muddler, a Woolly Booger or some other wet streamer fly tipped with a maggot rather than just a hook.  I also use soft plastic worms, grubs or maggots for tips.  The "Rapier" model can be retied using whatever line and/or hook you prefer.  It is usually best to retie these after some use as the line does wear over a period of time.
I have caught with all the configurations shown...I have also been skunked with everything I had in the box...some days are like that.
I usually troll either model behind a 4-blade lake troll or a 2-blade trolling shaft or a Seps Sidekick dodger.  With the Sidekick I shorten the line to 8"-10" to impart some action to the bait.  I will have another series of colors posted in the near future along with some lake trolls and trolling shaft/spinners I make.

 Want to see them in person? Stop in at the AX Tackle Shop located in Roundy's Kawasaki at 11008 North Newport Hwy, Spokane, WA, Best Buy Surplus 2516 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA, Bargain Hunter 16413 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA and Beaver Lodge Resort on Tiger Pass just 25 miles east of Colville, WA on Hwy 20.

I'm in the process of changing banking institutions and have not yet included PayPal buttons with these items but if you see something you like, Email me. I can make up different color and spinner configurations from the colors and spinners shown and in different lengths of line too.  The price is $4.00 each postage included.

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