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Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting to and from the camping and/or fishing trip.

While this is not about camping and fishing, it is about getting to and from a camping and fishing site last summer. It is from a posting I made on the Ford Six Performance 240/300 Forum about my old 1983 F150 300 I6 and whether it would dependably get us there and back...or not.

"Will it pull?

It certainly will. Bought a 1991 Blue Water boat on an EZ-Loader trailer, loaded the truck with all the camping gear and supplies for two families for five days and headed north to one of our favorite spots at Lake Gillette east of Colville, WA on Hwy. 20...a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house in Spokane. Pulled down to and held 1200 rpm MOL on several hills without a downshift. Had several 6% MOL grades that called for 3rd hole running. Temperatures in the mid 80's and the idiot temp gauge barely moved off it's usual spot and then not until we got back to in-town driving to the house. No change in oil pressure.

Upon arrival back in Spokane I filled the truck and boat gas tanks and then I weighed the whole outfit minus one passenger and about 200# of supplies used. The truck weighed 5360# and the trailer 3600# total GVW 8960#. MPG of 12.1. No oil usage (5w-30), no coolant usage. Other than getting a bit of a roll from a dead stop in the first hole (granny gear), driving around town was little different than when running empty with upshifts between 1500-2000 rpm and cruising in the top hole on 30 mph streets at about 1000 rpm...no problem.

Engine bored 30 over and fitted with hyper pistons. Mild P/P on head, three angle valve job with 30* back cut and a port match. Head and block milled for truing and clean-up. Offy DP with a Holley 1848-1 465 cfm 4v carb and EFI exhaust manifolds. Comp 260h cam and lifter kit. Mallory HyFire 6a ignition, ACCEL coil, Taylor Spiro wires and NGK EFI spark plugs gapped @ 50. Three-way Cat and a generic turbo muffler all 2 1/2 inch in and out.

Will it pull? Piece of cake."

The main thing is to have a well maintained vehicle that will get one to and from that camping and/or fishing outing without the highly disturbing...and often times expensive breakdown that can ruin all the planning, work, and anticipation of a great outing.

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