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Monday, January 31, 2011

Teardrops...and Camping.

My first recollection of camping goes back to the late 1940's when I was very young. (Don't break out the carbon-dating instruments just yet...I'm not quite THAT old!) I don't recall that my folks owned one but I think they may have borrowed one for a vacation trip. I do remember that it was silver colored and probably looked like one found here. And it was probably a DIY built camper. I also recall that we were in a mountainous and forested area.probably in California, parked in a yard at someone's house...probably friends of my parents but I remember little else of the trip.

From some time back in the 1920s up into the 1960s or so the Teardrop was quite popular and most of these campers were DIY built with some later models being factory productions...and then they went out of style. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in these little mobile units with many people building their own or having them custom built by individual craftsmen and there are even factory built units available again. Some quite small units are pulled behind motorcycles and larger units are easily towed by today's smaller automobiles.

Plans for building Teardrops can be found with a Google search and there are even a number of plans, contemporary and vintage, listed by sellers on eBay. There are even internet Forums devoted to the building and use of Teardrops like the Forum found here. Talk about out and out craftsmanship! Some of those folks building Teardrops are in a class by themselves when it comes to constructing these unique campers. Do not miss the expierence of viewing the galleries of photos of these works of art!

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