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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Win a NEW Chevy Truck!

One of the things we enjoyed about trucking across the country was being able to take a break on I-80 in Sidney, Nebraska at Cabela's. Another location was the store at Dundee, MI that is host to a big truck show each year. Cabela's is one of the few places, other than truck stops,that have ample parking for RVs and 73' 18 wheelers. So, I was going to miss that pleasant experience when retiring from the road until I found that Cabela's had opened a new store in Post Falls, ID just 30 miles from my house!

Now if there is one thing in the shopping realm where a man can equal or even best women at...turn him loose in a store like Cabela's! The museum like atmosphere with mounted game displays and huge fish aquarium is a treat in itself. But,the first place I make for in the store is the Bargain Cave where I rummage through the items looking for spinner blades and other components I can use for building a crawler harness or spinner. Then it's off to the Fishing Department! This time of year though, the 30 mile drive can be quite treacherous so from the safety and comfort of home I crank up the computer and let my fingers do the walking through their huge on-line store where I also find the Bargain Cave.

But the best bargains are free...right?

Cabela's has a deal for us. In celebrating their 50th year anniversary they are hosting a drawing and one can enter the drawing for a chance at some valuable prizes including a new Chevrolet truck!

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