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Saturday, April 2, 2011

That Little Garden Spot...A Worm Paradise.

Back in the day (again) while growing up in the wilds of northern California things weren't quite as civilized, metropolitan, urban or suburban in the remote ranch country.  In some respects they were certainly still somewhat primitive by today's standards.  We had electrical power but it wasn't always PG&E.  The ranchers owned their own little hydroelectric generator stuck in a creek down in a canyon.  And they owned their own phone system...no Ma Bell yet.  Water was often from spring boxes with gravity pressure feed to the house.  Not much in the way of "approved" sewer systems either.

Often times there was no septic tank.  The so-called brown water and sewage went down the drain and was piped out into a pasture.  It was in these little garden spots of moist soil,  green grass, and bacteria that worms flurished.  It was that way on one such ranch in Scott Valley, CA along the Scott River that was a popular fishing destination for many anglers.  People would stop at the ranch and ask where they could get some worms...and we had just the spot.  So, one day my Dad got the idea to put up a sign along the road advertising worms for sale...$1 per can.  And business started booming.

People drove up to the house all summer long wanting a can of worms for fishing so we would grab a few tin cans out of the "dump" sack and a shovel and lead these folks across the road past the barn and to that little garden spot.  Dad would stick the shovel in the ground, turn over a clod of muck and these folks would dig in with their bare hands breaking the clods apart and filling their cans with worms...and then they gave me a dollar per can (BIG money in those days) and they thought it was such fun too!

I didn't start fishing until a few years later when on another ranch deep in the foothills of Madera County (Fishing With S & H Green Stamps) that had it's own little garden spot...a worm paradise.

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