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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whew! I Found My Wallet!

I have...twice. The first time was back in the early '60s on a ranch about eight miles out of Reedley, CA. The ranch was actually one big mountain standing out from the rest of the foothills on the valley floor like it had been ostracised from the rest of the hills. Part of the routine of ranch work is breaking and training colts so when I got home from school (part of my personal breaking and training) I would saddle up a colt and head out from the ranch on a trail that gradually wound it's way up that mountain around the east end then up the north side near the top where there was a spring and some troughs for the cattle to water. I rode back off the mountain  going west around the other end and gradually down to the flat land and back to the ranch. That's when I discovered...I had lost my wallet. What to do now? I saddled back up and headed out on my original course and as luck would have it, there my wallet was lying in the middle of the trail within a quarter mile of the house. Whew!  I found my wallet!

Some years later in the early '70s I was living in Auberry, CA and there were quite a few opportunities for fishing near by. Several local ponds were full of hungry Bluegill and Bass and not far away up a little higher in the hills and moutains there were streams and lakes with Trout that had my name on them...so I thought. One day of an early afternoon I headed for a stream that I had not fished before and on arrival set about to catch some of the fish I could see in that stream. After several hours of offering hot-balls (That is what I called Pautzke's Balls O' Fire) and not even being able to buy a bite, I gathered up my stuff and headed back to the house about a half hours drive away.  And yup, just got home and discovered I had lost my wallet.  Darn!

So back in the car I go driving a bit on the aggressive side to where I had been fishing as it was nearing sundown, there wouldn't be much light left and I really didn't have much hope of finding it.  Upon arrival,  I knocked around on the bank of that stream for a while with no luck and headed down stream where I had last been fishing, on a big boulder out in the middle of the stream, and there it was...perched right on top of that boulder.  Whew!  I found my wallet...again!


Mel said...

Here's hoping there is not a "third" time. Save your luck for the fishing.

WDSTK3 said...

So far,so good Mel. I learned two things...don't go horseback or fishing with my wallet in my back pants pocket. I button it down in a shirt pocket.