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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cabela's...Great Customer Service!

We are going on a camping and fishing outing the 12th and I thought it productive of good results to buy my wife a trolling rod and reel similar to the set that I have.  She has been using my old lightweight Shakespeare spinning rod and reel...and the reel is rumbling and grumbling and the rod is a bit light for trolling especially when using a diver for depth control.  So, it's off to Cabela's web site to look for a deal on a rod/reel combo.  I found what I wanted...a trolling rod and reel combo for $64.98 so I call the Post Falls, ID store Fishing Department and talked with a lovely young lady who told me the combo was not in stock but the rod and reel were available separately at $44.95 each for a total of $89.90 but the combo was available in the warehouse and could be delivered to the store in 5-8 days with no freight charge.  I told her we were leaving the 12th and I didn't want to chance having it not arrive in time so she put me on hold for a few minutes and when she came back she took my name and told me to check in at the Fishing Department counter when I arrived and the rod and reel I wanted  would be there at the combo price...and it was!

One Cabela's DM15A Line Counter Reel         $44.95
One Cabela's DMTR76M Trolling Rod               44.95
                                                     Total       $89.90
                                             Combo Price    $64.98

                                               Net Savings    $24.92!
Now that is great customer service!

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