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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake Gillette 2011 Camping

As planned, my son-in-law Royce L., grandson Colby and myself pointed the rigs north to set up at the Lake Gillette NPS Campground on WA Hwy 20 out of Colville, WA near Tiger Pass.  On arrival, we set up one tent, the canopy and the kitchen.  Then it was time to go over to Beaver Lodge Resort for supper as planned.  When one goes to the Beaver Lodge Resort for a meal, be prepared to arrive hungry...Rick and Kim know how to lay on the food!

 After getting wrapped around that meal we went back to camp and hit the sack with Royce and Colby in the tent and myself in the pick up.

When we got up and around Wednesday we had some light eats, hooked up the boat and launched it.  So far, so good until I discovered some fool had forgotten to raise the trolling plate and when he goosed the engine the trolling plate bent upward at about a 45 degree angle.  Anyway, got the boat to the shore just below the camp site, beached it and anchored to a tree...it's really a quite convenient spot.

We caught up on a few things around the camp and commenced the pursuit of Trout...only to discover that the depth finder was acting strange.  Prior to leaving home I attempted to do some minor adjustment to the transducer and ended up stripping the allen head of the bolt.  That beggar was tight!  So I ended up leaving it and it turned out to be loose and pointing mostly up toward the sky when cruising through the water.
And, as usual, mountain weather is somewhat unpredictable and we got rained on intermittently throughout the day.  But, it wasn't too cold and we managed to land a few Trout.  (I'll take up more about fishing in one of the next postings.)  Got back to camp,  fixed a meal  (Royce was the camp cook at this point...I was the dishwasher), lounged around the fire for a bit and climbed in the rack.

Thursday when I got up Royce was down at the boat bottom fishing with night crawlers and/or Power Bait and ended up catching a couple of Trout.  We then had a breakfast of Oatmeal and afterward cruised over to the Beaver Lodge store, gathered up a couple more bags of ice and Royce called home to find out when the rest of The Fishing Posse and a ranking member of The Coupon Posse were going to arrive.  It was alleged that they were going to leave Spokane in about three hours with about an hour and a half MOL drive to the camp. So, we commenced fishing and decided to go for it in Lake Thomas.  As we approached the channel between the lakes, I saw a Moose and her two calves feeding at the water's edge in the approach to the channel.  Royce got the camera and proceeded to snap some pictures and in the process, inadvertently hit the video button and here it is:


After cruising around Thomas for a while we headed back into Gillette guessing the girls might be at camp by now and lucked out and hit it just right.  We had another tent to set up for our younger daughter, Laura H. and her SO as they were going to come up Friday evening and spend some time with us.  Thursday night supper was fried chicken the girls brought with them and Leah's famous baked beans.

Friday morning was cereal and muffins and off to the lakes again this time cruising up through Thomas to Heritage with a little fishing in Heritage trying for some Bluegills or Perch or Bass.  Except for some little ones it didn't pan out.  Back in Thomas though we found the fish and Pam and Leah started landing a few Trout when we found them over the deep water.  And then back to camp just before Laura and George arrived, had a typical camping menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, some of Leah's baked bean concoction (I generally don't care for baked beans but this particular recipe is good), some more fire time and off to bed again.  Here is what camp looked like by late Friday afternoon:

As you can see, camp is populated by a variety of camp rats.....

Saturday morning it was up-and-at-them to the sounds of a local, annual Triathlon event with the swimming leg happening in Lake Gillette just below the camp site.  Royce was soaking worms and diluting Power Bait again as usual.  No boats are allowed in the water while the event is in progress, except for the race monitors, but it doesn't take long for the several classes to beat and thrash their way around the buoys in the middle of the lake and it's off to the next leg of the competition.  Pam and I did a little fishing trying Lake Sherry but we couldn't buy a bite and came back to Thomas where we landed some again.  Laura was along and we took a cruise up to Heritage again and on the way back saw two yearling Moose feeding in the channel between Heritage and Thomas but some fool, the same one that bent the trolling plate, didn't bring the camera.  When we got back to camp the Saturday evening feast was being prepared.  How about a prime rib roast cooked in a dutch oven?  Check it out:

Getting the the charcoals ready to heat the dutch oven.

 The pot is set on a layer of coals and a layer is put on the lid.

While the coals are preheating the oven, Royce is preparing the prime rib roast  (He is a meat cutter by trade).  The holes in the roast are stuffed with garlic cloves.

And into the oven it goes.

Onions and other goodies are added.

Several hours later, it's done!

A side dish of Zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms are sauteed in the juices from the prime rib.

The table is set and I am ready to destroy this lovely picture by consumption.  Dutch oven prime rib roast, macaroni salad, baked potato, zucchini-tomato-mushroom side...it just can't be had at a restaurant.

After this session of blatant gluttony it was fireside time again and ultimately bed time.

Sunday morning came, we all crawled out of  bed, started breaking camp, packing it up, cleaning the camp site, retrieving and loading the boat and off to Beaver Lodge Resort just in time to make the breakfast menu  and then back down the trail to Spokane and home.  We are already planning some more trips...maybe of the two day variety to Lake Roosevelt for some light camping and heavy fishing.

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