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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fishing In Utah

 From high-mountain streams to big reservoirs to community ponds, Utah has many great places to fish. And you'll find variety when you toss out a line. There are native cutthroats, walleye, tiger muskie, bass and more. Below are a few resources to get you started.

Our Utah Fishing Guidebook contains rules, regulations, dates, limits and other essential information. If you plan to fish in Utah, you should read the guidebook.
You can purchase a Utah fishing license online, at a retail store or by visiting the nearest DWR office. Anyone 12 years old or older must have a license to fish in Utah.
Utah has hundreds of fishable waters, and they're not that far away. Check on fishing conditions, read reports or subscribe to our weekly e-mailed fishing report.
Many fishing ponds are located in Utah's cities and towns. These are great places to take your kids fishing. Find out if there's a community fishery near you.
The Utah DWR keeps records of the biggest fish caught in Utah. Who knows? Maybe you'll catch a record fish on your next trip.
Some of Utah's best fishing waters. Learn where to find a trophy-worthy catch or a solitary setting and pristine habitat.
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