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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lake Gillette 2011 Fishing

Meanwhile, back at the house, several things have happened and I didn't get this posted in a timely manner. (I have considered running for President Of The Society Of Procrastinators and have put it off several times).

In conjunction with our camping and boating trip to Lake Gillette we, of course, did some fishing and here are the results:  (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Twenty keepers that will head for the smoker!  Here are some individual shots of the catches:

I obtained a number of Squid Skirts from Mack's Lure and added them to several of my Trout/Kokanee Rapier series of rigs.  What is really handy about these 'Hoochies', as I call them, is the head is hollow...a perfect cavity for filling with something like Pautzke Fire Bait.  It is quite simple to do. First, a trip to a local farm supply store to obtain a small syringe.  Then take and pull the plunger out and insert some of the bait down the bore of the syringe.  Insert the plunger, stick the end of the syringe in the head of the Hoochie and fill the cavity.  Now I have a bait with the looks, action, scent trail and taste that gives one the ammunition to hook-up the wily Trout or Kokanee.

Simple...right?  Fishing was not without it's problems.  We've already heard about the fool that goosed the boat engine with the trolling plate down.  Got that fixed but with said fool now trying to drive the boat and teach two neophyte anglers (One from The Fishing Posse and one from The Coupon Posse) the fine art of trolling and catching fish we ended up with lines getting tangled in the prop and losing one rig not to mention about 100' of line off one reel.

In the mean time, the new anglers caught some fish and got some experience handling their rods and reels and my daughter, Leah L. (The Coupon Posse) learned quickly how to navigate the boat over the fish using the Humminbird 161 that is on the boat.

And that is Lake Gillette 2011.


Shoreman said...

Nice haul. Got a special trout smoker recipe? Looking for any suggestions for the new smoker.



WDSTK3 said...

My son-in-law smokes the fish...he found the recipe on-line. Tons of recipes on-line. I'll see if I can get the one he uses and send to you.