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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Roosevelt Camping and Fishing August 2011

Wednesday August 3 my darling bride  of 47 years and I (as of August 6) loaded the camp gear and hooked up the boat for an outing at Lake Roosevelt, WA.  Our target destination was Porcupine Bay or Two Rivers RV Resort.  Easy decision...as we drove by the road to Porcupine Bay the "Campground Full" sign was posted so Two Rivers it is.  Got checked-in, picked a site and set up camp.  (Click on pictures to enlarge)

We found a spot that would allow easily  two tents and got them up.  We just purchased a new Eureka Copper Canyon 10 Family Tent while on sale for $184.00.  I had set this tent up myself at the house on a trial run and got the seams sealed...quite easy.  The other tent is our daughter's, Laura H., who would be coming up on Friday after work along with George, her SO, and Leah L. (The Coupon Posse)  and our grandson Colby the 'Colbinator'.  We had a beautiful few of the lake at the mouth of the Spokane Arm.

Wild Rose bushes along the fence are a nice touch as well as providing a home for some quail.

They are a bit difficult to see but several of them are sitting on the top rail of the fence to the left of the post...

...while one of them does guard duty on top of the bush.

The weather was perfect with warm days and mild nights.  And we did some fishing too...who wudda thought...  But, the lockjaw was on and after working the mouth of the arm and Hawk Creek and upriver toward Porcupine Bay we ended up with only two bites and one catch.  The lucky recipient was none other than my wife.  I got skunked again.  Just down river from Porcupine Bay she hooked a 15" Walleye and to my discredit I didn't get a picture of it.  Kinda odd too as we marked fish up the yin and yang and were trolling for Trout when she caught with this set:

Now if that looks like a lot of junk to be dragging around in a lake, it is.  I was getting desperate for either one or both of us to hook up some fish and was trying all sorts of things including up to a 2 ounce weight added to the rig to get down where the fish were hanging out...60'-80' deep in sometimes water that is nearly 200' deep.  With nothing showing on the screen she got a light bump on her pole and after waiting a moment got another bump and reeled in the Walleye.  Who said Walleyes won't take a hot pink Trout/Kokanee bait!

The rest of the clan arrived Friday night and Saturday we went boating and traveled up the Spokane Arm from Porcupine Bay marking tons of fish top to bottom but we were boating, not fishing.  Seems like the two don't mix very well.  Mean while there was a wedding at the campground Saturday and McCoy's Marina was sponsoring a boat poker run and the whole area was awash in activity.  Stuffed campground, stuffed lake...so much for getting away from it all.

We packed up Sunday and made our way back to the house and Tuesday I consulted with one of my main advisers, Seth Burrill of AX Tackle on our experience. He thought that most of the fish we marked were probably White Fish  and are usually caught using jigs and not rigs or lures but it most likely was Walleyes upriver from Porcupine Bay.  So, we are going back Sunday afternoon in hopes of there being an open site at the Porcupine Bay Campground so we can work upriver from there.

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K Lure Maker said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

WDSTK3 said...

It's great sport! We just went again this time to Porcupine Bay, Lake Roosevelt. Beautiful weather...but the lockjaw was on...not so much as a bite. I didn't even get a mosquito bite!