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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Williams Lake, Cheney, WA August 19, 2011

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Friday my wife and I hit Williams Lake out of Cheney, WA.  This is THE lake I was specifically told that 'pink and blue' will not catch.  This one was the biggest catch of the day and we kept two others while releasing 7-8 smaller Trout.  Blue and hot pink painted beads and a Rondelle spacer bead with 'thump' provided by a pink scale #3 Colorado blade, a #6 vintage Mustad Limerick hook tipped with a small gob of Pautzke Fire Bait did the trick all tied on two feet of Viscous 10# fluorocarbon line and trolled behind a Sep's Side Kick Dodger.

At noon we had docked the boat and had lunch at Klink's Williams Lake Resort Restaurant which is worth the trip down there even without the fishing thrown in.

Blue and Pink don't catch in this lake?  I have been vindicated!

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