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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fort Spokane, WA Camping And Fishing Sept. 2011

We just spent three days at Fort Spokane, WA camping and fishing.  The weather was great for camping and fishing...but the fishing sucked.  My wife caught one small Walleye Tues. am...and that was it.  Not a bump or bite could be bought.  Talked to some other anglers and the story was the same...maybe a few Walleyes and Small Mouth Bass and very few if any Trout.  One group of four gentlemen spent four days for four fish.  The bite is OFF!  And, there is a fishing derby this weekend at Two Rivers.  Good luck folks!

I won't post the porn photos my wife took of two dragon flies mating on the end of her pole...and that was the highlight of the trip.

We will probably get in one more fishing trip before having to winterize the inboard...don't know where just yet though.


Shoreman said...

I completely understand. As you know, fishing has been sucky in Cal too. Always next year or, you could come down to Cal and fish here in the winter.


WDSTK3 said...

Well Mark, we are considering a trip down in October for a visit to some old HS friends in Fowler and to visit my wife's sister in Dunlap...but I don't think I'll have time to wet a line although I would really like to...darn!