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Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Limits On Three Okanogan County Lakes!

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September 08, 2011
Contact: Jeff Korth, Ephrata (509) 754-4624
Bob Jateff, Okanogan County (509) 997-0316

Anglers can fish without limits
at three Okanogan County lakes

OLYMPIA - Starting immediately, licensed anglers can catch and keep as many game fish as they want at three lakes in Okanogan County scheduled for rehabilitation next month.
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has suspended daily fishing limits at Alta Lake, Fish Lake and Schallow Pond prior to treating those waters with rotenone to eradicate undesirable fish species.
"There’s no reason why anglers can’t catch as many trout, perch and other gamefish as they can find prior to the lake treatments," said Jeff Korth, WDFW fish manager in Ephrata. "There are still some nice fish in those waters, along with the bullheads and goldfish."
The no-limits fishing opportunity will run through Sept. 30 on Alta Lake and through Oct. 22 on Fish Lake and Schallow Pond.
All three lakes will close to fishing before the treatments begin. Anglers will be prohibited from gathering fish from those waters during and after rehabilitations.

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