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Friday, September 16, 2011

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http://cofisher.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-not-to-make-friends-in-outdoors.htmlMonday, September 12, 2011

How not to make friends in the outdoors...

A fishing buddy of mine and I were sitting around talking the other day about stream etiquette, other fisherman, campers and rafters.  You read so much about bad behavior and bad manners, that the conversation took an inevitable turn to what people do to piss off otheroutdoorsmen/women...accidentally or not.
So, here's the list-feel free to add your own.

1.  Yes that other person probably has all the right in the world to bring his barking, splashing, growling, crapping dog with him.  It's not the dog's fault that his owner has scrambled eggs for brains. Yes, your dog is pretty, put his ass on a leash!

2.  You know that you HATE that dork that splashes downstream (or upstream for that matter)thinking he's doing YOU a favor by staying out of the water you're currently fishing.

3.  This is not aimed at any particular group of people, but I've seen it so many times that I may start carrying a cell phone on the water with me.  You watch some yahoo catching fish after fish and throwing them into a bush behind him so the game warden doesn't see that he's 6 fish over limit.

4. I don't mind sharing the water, after all, I don't own it.  But the next time a raft comes by and runs over my feet, not to mention my fly line, my new pocket knife is going to meet Mr. Goodyear rubber raft.

5.  The next time a bear shows up in the campground, I'm going looking for the jerk that left a cooler full of fish out last night. I'll wait my turn if the bear is still showing his appreciation.

6.  When was the last time you went camping in a wilderness area for the peace and quiet, only to be woken up at 12:30 a.m. by a car load of drunk yokels with the radio blasting?  Me and Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson got you covered...and got their radio.

7.  Have you ever been outdoors and seen some jackass dump his trash out the car window while flying down the road at 80 mph?  Stop!  Pick up the garbage and follow the idiot to the next gas station or restaurant.  If the window on his car is down, leave him a gift.  If not, follow him into the place and let him know that you know he accidentally dropped something...and give it back to him.  No reward necessary!

8.  Grafitti- I hate the stuff.  When you live and fish close to a college town, it's inevitable that you will run into these Rhodes Scholars once in a while.  Don't get mad! Remember, they're going to college to get educated...so educate them.  Ask if you can join the party, take a can of spray paint and color him red. Who's he going to call...Ghostbusters?

9.  When I'm out hiking, I always carry a walking stick.  More and more it's getting difficult to hike without running across the Red Baron on a Schwinn-chasing people off the paths like he's strafing the enemy. It's pretty easy to accidentally place that stick between his spoke, so It's a good idea to know first aid, cause he's going down.

10.  Yes Sparky,  I love a nice fire and grilled food. By the way, did you know there is a ban on outdoor fires in this park?
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