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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saskatchewan Fishing

Saskatchewan has some of the best fishing in the world. The productive lakes of the south and the deep cold waters of the north have a variety of fish species that provide us with many recreational and economic opportunities.

Although Saskatchewan's fish stocks are strong, we are harvesting our limit and we do not want to risk over-fishing our industry as others in Canada have done. The diverse nature of our fisheries resource and its many users mean there is not one simple solution to ensure our fishery is able to cope with whatever pressures the future brings. However, we are confident that by working together we can meet this challenge.
The Anglers' Guide is produced every year. This document is the official reference for season dates amd limits, water specific regulations and guidelines for safe and responsible angling.
French version is also available. Click to download.
A list of available licences and associated fees.
The Ministry of Environment's goal is create a sustainable and environmentally sound fisheries management plan that builds on partnerships while utilizing the fishery resource in a way that promotes economic growth and contributes to the health and well being of the people of Saskatchewan.
This page allows you to purchase a licence to hunt or fish in Saskatchewan. It provides a secure, online order form and instructions for purchasing via fax, telephone and mail.
Commercial fishing creates jobs and generates revenue, especially in the north. The province has approximately 700 licensed commercial fishers who employ about 1500 helpers.
This page will provide you with the information you need if you are planning a competitive fishing event.
After reviewing results of recent testing for mercury in walleye and northern pike taken from Lake Lenore, the Ministry of Environment has issued revised guidelines for eating fish from the lake.
People should not consume fish from Yew and Long Lakes due to elevated levels of mercury in the fish.
The Ministry of Environment is developing a Fisheries Management Plan that will help guide our efforts to help manage our fisheries resource in a way that maintains the traditional and cultural activities we enjoy while ensuring sustainable economic benefits for everyone in the province.
When fishing with bait, anglers are required to follow specific regulations.
The Ministry of Environment is inviting the public to submit their favourite hunting, fishing and trapping themed photos for potential use in the annual Hunters' and Trappers' Guide and the Anglers' Guide.
Natural shorelines are richly diverse habitats and an integral part of a functioning lake ecosystem. As waterfront properties are altered by landscaping or installing docks, decks or stairs, we need to lessen the adverse impacts on the shoreline and riparian zones.
Species limits are a vital part of fisheries management. In order to enforce these limits, conservation officers must be able to count and measure your fish.
Thank you to all of the anglers of Saskatchewan for sending in your photos. Keep them coming!
Anglers who are convicted of violating Saskatchewan's Fisheries Act or The Fisheries Regulations may now lose their fishing privileges for one to five years.
When using special equipment like bow fishing or underwater spear fishing, anglers are required to follow specific regulations.
Report poachers through the toll free TIP line at 1-800-667-7561 - 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
Angler Diary.pdf  ( 12.3 KB )
Fishing FAQ's.pdf  ( 99.3 KB )
Hanson Lake Fish Report.pdf  ( 389.2 KB )
Catch and Release Award.pdf  ( 147.1 KB )
Fish Facts 2010.pdf  ( 32 KB )
Fish Facts 2009.pdf  ( 28.9 KB )
Fish Facts 2008.pdf  ( 24.3 KB )
Fish Facts 2007.pdf  ( 20.8 KB )
Fish Facts 2006.pdf  ( 20.5 KB )
Fish Facts 2005.pdf  ( 34.3 KB )
Fish Facts 2004.pdf  ( 69 KB )
Fish Facts 2003.pdf  ( 33.4 KB )
Fish Facts 2002.pdf  ( 84.8 KB )
2010 Stocked Waters.pdf  ( 22.9 KB )
2004 Stocked Waters.pdf  ( 55.2 KB )
Aquaculture.pdf  ( 11.2 MB )
Trout Streams.pdf  ( 452.5 KB )
Fish Facts 2009.pdf  ( 28.9 KB )


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