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Saturday, November 5, 2011

AZ November Urban Fishing Bulletin

The fall catfish stocking season wraps up the week of Oct. 31 – Nov. 5 with another 15,000 pounds of fish delivered to the 20 Urban Fishing Program waters in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Starting in a couple weeks, fish stocking trucks change from delivering channel catfish to rainbow trout. Lake temperatures are within five degrees of the 66 degree target for trout.

The winter trout stocking season is scheduled to begin Thursday, Nov. 17.
Trout ranging from 10- to 14-inches will be stocked at two-week intervals throughout the winter. More than 100,000 trout from Colorado have been ordered for delivery to Urban waters during the four-month stocking season.

With the colder temperatures at Payson’s Green Valley Lakes, trout stockings already started on Oct. 20 and will continue every other week for the next eight months at this forest location.
2011 Urban Fishing Licenses 50-percent off Sale
If you recently found out about the great fishing in the urban lakes and the start of the trout stocking season, we have a deal for you. Starting Nov. 1, the 2011 Class U, Urban Fishing, license is 50-percent off for the last two months of the year.

Stop by a Game and Fish office or any of our sporting goods or retail license dealers and ask for your 2011 discount Urban fishing license for $9.25. The Urban license is valid for all fish species including trout. Fishing is excellent this time of year at all Urban Program lakes for trout, bluegill and catfish.

Lakes Receive Bluegill and Bass StockingsUrban waters were stocked with 5-8 inch bluegill sunfish on Oct. 26. Bluegills are stocked twice a year (fall and spring) to provide fishing fun for kids and families. Some of the bluegills are expected to last until the spring when they will reproduce in the lakes and provide more fish for the future. Sunfish will bite all day long for anglers using small pieces of worms or mealworms on small hooks fished under a thin bobber and 2- to 4-pound leaders. Daily bag limits for bluegill/sunfish are 10 fish per person at Urban Lakes and five fish per day at Urban Ponds.
The annual stocking of largemouth bass also took place on Oct. 26 as more than 7,000 fish were delivered. Bass were from 6- to 8-inches in length—below the 13-inch minimum legal size.

Younger bass are stocked to help rebuild the resident bass populations in our lakes. They are not stocked for anglers to catch and keep like catfish, bluegill or trout. Regulations require that anglers carefully release these juvenile bass unharmed back into the water so they can grow to catchable size (13 inches) in the future.

Please help conserve our bass populations by practicing proper release techniques and reminding others to do the same.

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