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Friday, December 23, 2011

NV Updated Fishing Report 12/21/11

NDOW Fishing Report

Southern Nevada

Eagle Valley Reservoir
Echo Canyon Reservoir
Lake Mead
Lake Mohave
Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Management Area
Urban Ponds

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QUAGGA REMINDER: NDOW is asking boaters to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of quagga mussels from the Colorado River system to other waters. Thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and towing vessel before traveling to another water.


According to the folks at the Eagle Valley Resort in Ursine, the ice on this Lincoln County reservoir is about 7 ½ inches thick and people are fishing. NDOW reminds anglers to always double check conditions before venturing onto the ice. When in doubt, you can fish from the dock.


Ice conditions are unknown, but given the reservoir’s proximity to Eagle Valley Reservoir, there is a good chance anglers will find thin ice.


If you’re not fishing, according one lucky angler, you are missing some of the best fishing on Lake Mead in years. Shad can be found throughout the lower basin. Boulder Harbor is teeming with the bait fish and they can also be found in the Vegas Bay area. Live shad and shad imitations are catching striped bass from Vegas Wash to Government Wash and 33-Hole. The shoreline from the Hemenway launch ramp to the disabled fishing pier is also giving up stripers. Nothing huge but they are fat. The action is slow at Temple Bar.

NDOW is asking anglers who catch stripers with a red floy tag to release them as soon as possible. The fish carry sonic transmitters and are part of a study being conducted by NDOW biologists.


Fishing activity has slowed down in the Cottonwood Cove area, but those making the trip are finding some success for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Striper action has slowed significantly. Willow Beach will challenge even the most experienced fisherman, but some anglers continue to catch double-digit stripers. The fish tend to key in on stocked rainbow trout, so large lures like the AC Plug or Spro are a good choice. For trout try PowerBait, salmon eggs or small lures and spinners.

Here are some of the successful anglers from Lake Mohave. From left to right: Bruce Silet with a 42-inch, 41.46 pound striper, Gavin holds up the fish he pulled in at Willow Beach.

Anglers are finding good action for rainbow trout along Casino Row. While stockers are providing much of the action, anglers are catching some larger fish form the deep pools. According to the Arizona Game & Fish Department, one angler reeled in a five-pound rainbow. Access to the Nevada side of the Colorado River below the bridge is limited by construction at Fishermen’s Access.


Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish. Mealworms or night crawlers below a bobber will catch fish.


Anglers will find some open water on Dacey Reservoir. The on this artificial lure only water one trout, 10 black bass and 15 other warmwater game fish.  The other reservoirs frozen over but the ice is still too thin for fishing.


Action for stocked rainbows has been good following the weekly fish plants by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Fly patterns, spinners, worms and commercial trout baits are catching the fish. Flies can be fished with a spinning rod. Tie the fly about six feet behind a clear bubble and reel in at varying speeds until you figure out what the fish like.

Northeastern Nevada

Angel Lake
Cave Lake
Comins Lake
Jakes Reservoir
Jiggs / Zunino Reservoir
Mountain Streams & Lakes
Ruby Lake NWR
South Fork Reservoir
Wildhorse Reservoir
Willow Creek Reservoir
Wilson Reservoir

The road is dry, though there was snow at lakeside earlier in the week.  Bait anglers are having the best luck with a combination of PowerBait and worms, though either by itself should work. Time to switch to small olive buggers, soft hackle nymphs, hares ears, prince nymphs, zug bugs, and just about anything that is green in color.  But on a warm sunny afternoon, small dries like humpies, royal coachman and Wullfs, red quills, pale morning duns and Griffith’s gnats will still work.


Fishing has been good for 8 to 10-inch fish using worms or PowerBait.  Flyrodders should start using small olive wooly or crystal buggers, soft hackle nymphs, prince nymphs and zug bugs.   For hard baits, small minnow imitations and spinners would be in order.  The browns are cruising looking for spawning habitat, so fish the south end of the lake late in the evening and early in the morning with minnow imitations and streamers.  On the warmer afternoons, dry flies will still work but that will be dropping off as the days get shorter.


A few bass have been showing up, but no trout due to the pike infestation. Pike fishing has also been poor. There are few if any trout left in the lake also due to the pike infestation.


Fishing is picking back up with the cooler weather.  For flyrodders, hare’s ears, prince nymphs, zug bugs and wooly buggers should all work at one time or another. The browns are also getting active here, so look for them near the creek that runs into the lake.  Worms and PowerBait are both working in deeper water.  Mepps rooster tails in just about any color seem to be work for most anglers.


The weeds are breaking up, but still a problem for shore anglers. However, your best bet is still with a car topper or float tube to get past the weeds to fish.  Once you get past the weeds, expect fishing to just be fair for both trout and bass.  Anglers can use small minnow imitations, spinners or the usual garden hackle or PowerBait.  Fly fishermen should be using zug bugs, wooly buggers, hares ears or prince nymphs.


Unfortunately, Jiggs has dried up.


The cold weather will has knocked off most of the hoppers, but a few malingerers may be out and the trout are used to seeing them anyway, so give them a try on the warmer afternoons. And with the 60-70 degree days forecast for next week, you should still be able to try some dries.  Bait anglers should have the best luck with worms or grasshoppers on a light wire hook dead drifted through the pools.   Stream fishing continues to be good.


The snow at higher elevations is causing some problems getting to the lakes, but many are still accessible.  Only experienced back country trekkers should now venture here as conditions can change quickly, even when the weather is nice in Elko and Spring Creek.  Expect the lakes to start freezing very soon.


Bass fishing is slowing down with the cooler air and water temperatures, though trout fishing should pick up as the weather, turns with the collection ditch your best bet for trout. The best time to fish for bass will be late in the warm afternoons and like the rest of our bass waters, the bass will be fattening up for that long Ruby Valley winter. While you won’t catch as many fish this time of year, you may be surprised at the quality. Dark colored soft plastics with some sparkle in them are your best bet, though surface lures such as poppers are fun when the wind is still and the water is like glass.  Wooly buggers, crystal buggers, leeches, deer hair poppers and nymphs under an indicator should all work for trout.


The weeds at the south end of the lake in the no wake zone are breaking up and fishing is improving as the water temperature is now in the mid 50’s.   Leech patterns, wooly buggers, crayfish patterns and nymphs under an indicator should all work for trout.  Brown trout should start cruising the shoreline looking for spawning habitat so streamers and baitfish imitations are the ticket late evening and early morning along shore.   For bait anglers, the usual worms with a marshmallow, or PowerBait are working.  Fishing the bluffs on the northwest side of the lake and along the face of the dam is probably the best bet for boaters looking for trout, though the south end and the ledge just north of Jet Ski Beach have also been producing fish. Bright shiny presentations with quick retrieves are the best bet for wipers, and chartreuse continues to be the color of choice, though you have to find the wipers first.  Once you do, get your presentation into the water as quickly and as often as you can, as they are a schooling fish.  Dark soft plastics are working for black bass as are crankbaits, with bass holding on structure.


Surface water temperatures on Thursday were 55 degrees and trout fishing has gotten better here.    Trout are on the move looking for food to fatten up before the ice comes in and they are moving into shallower water, though many boaters still report that trout are being taken between 10 and 15 feet deep.   Most shore anglers are using PowerBait, though a few are using hardware or worms.  The beach just south of the State Park boat ramp continues to produce some nice fish for shore anglers as does the Penrod arm.  Several anglers report limits of 15 to 20 inch fish and a few are reporting fish up to 22 inches.  Trollers fishing for trout are using small sets of flashers or cowbells with a trailing spinner, crankbait or tipped with a worm. Bass are also trying to fatten up, though they are moving the opposite of trout looking for structure and heading a bit deeper.  Deep diving crankbaits and dropshotting senkos or finesse baits should work.  For trout, fly rodders should use large presentations like wooly buggers, leech patterns and streamers as well as the usual assortment of nymphs, starting with a hare’s ear. Minnow imitations and spinners are working well for hard baits. Wiper fishing has been slow, but bright or perch colored lures are your best bet.


This reservoir is full, though as those who have followed the saga of Willow Creek over the last few years know, there aren’t many fish. Several thousand catfish were planted last year as well as a few hundred crappie and some bass. Anglers are being asked to return all crappie and bass back to the water until a fishery is firmly established. This may take several years depending upon water conditions. However, the catfish that were planted were good sized and should make great eating.


Fishing continues to be good for both trout and is now fair for bass, though bass should continue to be caught into November.  The best area for trout seems to be by the old cabin.  Green and black are colors that do seem to be working for bass.  The usual worms and PowerBait are both working for trout.  The same flies and hardware used at South Fork should work here.   Bass should also be heading for structure here so start fishing a bit deeper except on the warm afternoons on south facing shores which warm up a bit more than the rest of the lake.

Northwestern Nevada

Carson River
Chimney Reservoir
Hobart Reservoir
Lahontan Reservoir, Carson River
Lake Tahoe
Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area
Pine Forest Complex (Blue Lakes, Knott Creek, Onion)
Rye Patch
Topaz Lake and Canal
Truckee River
Walker Lake
East Walker River special regulation waters
Washoe county urban ponds
Washoe Lake
CARSON RIVER - Updated November 18, 2011

Current flow is 133 cfs.  1000 rainbow stocked on the 11/9/11.   Fishing has improved with lower flows.  Fishing has been good in the Gardnerville area especially good in the upper river near the broken dam area.


Ponds 19 and 20 are fishing well for bass up to two ponds on artificial lures. Some fish are being caught on topwaters in the morning and evenings.

BAILY FISHING POND IN CARSON CITY - Updated November 18th, 2011

Fishing has been very good with cooler temperature.  10/14/11 NDOW stocked 1653 rainbows.
Remember all urban ponds now have a limit of 3 fish.

Season closed, will reopen May 1st

LAHONTAN RESERVOIR - Updated November 16th, 2011

Fishing has slowed down Lahontan is full and very cold.

LAKE TAHOE - Updated November 18th, 2011

Fishing for Mackinaw has been outstanding this fall.  Reports of 2-6 pound fish are showing up regularly in the creel with an occasional double digit fish 12 to 15 pounds and up.  Best method is still minnow dodger set up in 150 to 200 ft. Cave rock and south shore have been the best bet for Nevada anglers.


Fort Churchill Cooling Ponds: Season Closed, reopens February 11th, 2011
Hinkson Slough: Seasoned closed, will reopen on February 11th, 2011
North Pond: Seasoned closed, will reopen on February 11th, 2011
MARLETTE LAKE: Season closed, reopens July 15, 2011


Blue Lakes: Season closes November 15, 2011
Knott Creek: Season closes November 15, 2011
Onion:  Season closes November 15, 2011


Fishing has been very slow. Most of the activity is recreational boaters. A few catfish are being caught in the river now that lower flows have concentrated the fish near diversion dams. A few anglers reported catching 6-8 lb walleyes up reservoir while trolling. The Pitt-Taylor boat ramp is still in usable.

SPOONER LAKE - Updated November 18, 2011

Spooner Lake was last stocked on 6/15/11 with 6,000 rainbow trout. Fishing has been slow. Ice is starting form.


Season is closed, reopens January 1st, 2011

TRUCKEE RIVER (Special regulation water above the I-80 bridge) Updated November 18, 2011

Stocked 1200 cutthroat
The Truckee's current flow in Reno is 498 cfs. Fishing is still outstanding!  Fly anglers have reported luck with prince nymphs, and stone fly nymphs.  Baetis hatch is been showing up in the evening or in overcast days try  blue wing olive or dunn   Spin fishermen are having luck with eggs, PowerBait, gold Kastmasters, black and yellow Panther Martin, and jointed Rapalas.

WALKER LAKE - Updated November 18, 2011

No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009. Mineral County Road Dept. has done some work on the State Parks Launch. Launching is improved but you still need four wheel drive.

EAST WALKER RIVER - Updated November 18, 2011

East Walker Flow is at 37 cfs. Fishing is good.  Fish are wary with the lower flows try a stealthy approach on the runs and holes.  Be cautious of wading on Brown trout reds this time of year the cleared gravel areas should be avoided when wading.  Suggested fly patterns: Prince Nymphs, olive caddis, Copper Johns, and Pheasant Tails have been working. Black w/gold blade rooster tails and Rapalas have been working for the spin fisherman. Remember single barbless hooks in special regulation section.


All of our urban ponds have been receiving regular stocking. Limit is now 3 fish at our urban ponds.
The picture at right is the new water record for Sparks Marina, a 3.5 pound spotted bass by Dante Ray in June 2010.
Check out the latest stocking report.

Sparks Marina - Trout fishing from the shore has been very good. Try using powerbait off the bottom or nighcrawlers below a bobber. Fish are suspended from 7-12 feet.

Paradise Pond
Virginia Lake
Idlewild Ponds
Rancho San Rafael Pond
Wilson Commons
Marilyn's Pond

Washoe Lake dried up in 2004 and, although it is presently full and has been restocked, the fish population, consisting mostly of channel catfish and white bass, is small. Fishing is expected to be poor.

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