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Friday, December 23, 2011

UT Fishing Reports

UT Division of Wildlife Resources

Northern Region report

Information compiled by Phil Douglass
DWR Northern Region Conservation Outreach Manager

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

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Waterbody Report
Bear Lake
Good Anglers report good fishing for cutthroat up to five pounds. The lake is mostly ice-free and boat launching is still possible. Call the DWR recorded info line at 435–946-8501 after 6:00 p.m. for updates on fishing conditions.
Birch Creek Reservoir
Fair Be prepared for extreme cold when fishing this remote lake. Ice conditions are good, but it can be very gusty—winds from Monte Cristo barrel down through the canyon. Anglers report spotty success for tiger trout and rainbow trout, which is typical for this reservoir.
Blacksmith Fork River
Fair Ice was forming around the impoundment but is still accessible to shore anglers. Access is good at many of the pullouts along the river, as snow levels are relatively light along the canyon road.
Bountiful Lake
Fair There are three inches of good ice on the west side of the pond. Three anglers interviewed on December 22 hadn't caught any fish yet, but all three had bites.
Causey Reservoir
Fair Conservation Officer David Beveridge reports anglers are ice fishing. The best ice fishing for kokanee at Causey is at the end of December. Please use caution on the ice.
Cutler Reservoir & Marsh
Unstable ice There was open water at the Cutler Dam Marina and Benson Marina on December 17.
East Canyon Reservoir & State Park
Unstable ice Park Ranger Jeff Dale reports some of the edges and fingers have new ice (though it's not thick enough to travel on). There is open water just beyond the buoys in front of the boat ramp.
Echo Reservoir
Unstable ice The reservoir is 95 percent capped with ice. There are still several open water areas on the west side as well as east of the boat ramp. The ice has lots of cracks with water coming through. There were about 20 anglers on the ice, mostly on the east end of the reservoir, but DWR feels it is too risky to venture out onto. Remember to use extreme caution.
Farmington Pond
Fair Access to this area is walk-in only.
Holmes Creek Reservoir
Fair The reservoir has five inches of good, solid ice near the shore. Access is good. There is some open water at the north end. There is very little evidence of angling activity.
Hyrum Reservoir & State Park
Slow An angler interviewed on December 17 experienced slow fishing. The ice was three inches thick near the dam.
Jensen Nature Park Pond
Unstable ice About 50 percent of the pond is covered with ice, but there are still some shoreline areas that are accessible.
Kaysville Ponds
Unstable ice The ponds are ice-capped but there is no report of its thickness. Remember to use extreme caution.
Little Creek Reservoir
Good The fishing is good for rainbow trout up to 15 inches. Use ice flies tipped with green PowerBait. The ice is now over ten inches thick. This small reservoir in Rich County is a great place to take newcomers for ice fishing. You can drive right out to the edge of the reservoir and be fishing within five minutes of parking. It can get extremely cold and windy, but being close to your car makes for a quick escape from the elements. It is remote, but worth the drive!
Logan River
Unstable ice The folks at Roundrocks fly shop in Logan report that fishing is good using standard winter patterns. The river has some large slabs of unstable ice along the shores, so use extreme caution when getting to the water.
Lost Creek Reservoir
Fair Conservation Officer Jonathan Moser reports open water for most of the reservoir. The far inlet was iced over, as was the arm east of the boat launch. On Sunday, December 11, one boater was out on the water trying his luck. The shore anglers were trying worms and marshmallows. There was no word on their success.
Mantua Reservoir
Fair Biologist Kent 'Sorno' Sorenson fished the southeast part of the reservoir and reports the best spots were from 11 to 15 feet deep. Using horizontal ice jigs tipped with wax worm worked best. Light line is probably essential. Some bluegills were just over eight inches—most about seven inches. The ice is about seven inches thick with a skiff of snow making travel easy.
Mirror Lake
Fair The Smith/Morehouse Reservoir is 100 percent capped. The ice is seven inches thick. Rainbows are biting on traditional ice fishing tackle/bait. Be prepared for cold-weather survival when fishing the lakes of the Uintas.
Newton Reservoir
Slow As of December 17, very little fishing activity was observed. One angler reported catching no fish in an afternoon.
Ogden River
Good This is a great fishing spot close to home—ideal for escaping the inversion, enjoying warmer temperatures and the crystal-clear, low flows.
Pineview Reservoir
Unstable ice Conservation Officer David Beveridge reports that ice is starting to form, but it's not yet safe for fishing.
Porcupine Reservoir
Unstable ice The water is still open with no ice forming.
Rockport Reservoir
Good Joseph Hamby reports that the fishing continues to be good. Ice now covers the entire lake. It is up to six inches thick at the south end. Use extreme caution on the ice—some areas just recently froze. Rockport is having a tagged fish challenge this winter. It begins January 1 and will run until March 1. For more information, visit stateparks.utah.gov/parks/rockport/rafterbfishchallenge.
Weber River
Good Biologist Paul Thompson reports that stream flows in the Weber River below Echo Dam continue to remain high for this time of year. Currently, however, the Stoddard Diversion is taking much of this water into the Gateway Canal, so water levels are low between Stoddard and the mouth of the canyon. The fishing in this reach is good with standard nymphs (hare's ears, pheasant tails, scuds and midges). The stream flows between Echo and Rockport continue to remain constant at just over 200 cfs. This reach has also been fishing well with winter nymph patterns.
Willard Bay Reservoir
Slow Access to the south marina is closed.

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