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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CCA Wenatchee Chapter Hosting a Salmon Derby On July 13-15.

The Seattle Times Posted By Mark Yuasa Jan. 24, 2012

Here is the latest fishing report from Dave Graybill, longtime Eastern Washington outdoor radio host and angler:

The recent meeting of the local chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association was held in Wenatchee and had a different twist. Many local guides and other companies attended and shared information about their services prior to the meeting.

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Brian Irwin, Washington Director of the CCA gave a brief presentation about the CCA and its success in the three years it has been in Washington.

The CCA was formed over 30 years ago in Texas and has an amazing track record for successfully countering over fishing of several species and returning them to health.

The balance of the meeting was devoted to announcements about the new salmon fishing derby in Wenatchee and others that will be coming up later this year.

The Wenatchee derby will take place July 13-15, and will be limited to 75 boats. Derby tickets will cost $100 and will include a membership in the CCA, the awards dinner and auction, and launch fee.

The big fish cash prize for the Wenatchee derby will be $2,000.00. There will several other cash prizes in the derby and raffles prizes handed out at the event as well.

For details or to get Graybill's weekly report visit Dave Graybill's website.


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