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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday 'Noise on the Line' Blog! Drawing

Master craftsman John Delaney of 'Noise On The Line" Blog and Fish Creek Spinners is hosting his first monthly Spinner giveaway of 2012.


Happy Birthday 'Noise on the Line' Blog!
Happy Birthday drawing - January 2012
Time to launch the Fish Creek Spinners monthly Spinner giveaway drawing for 2012 and celebrate the Blog's first birthday! Drawing to be held 2/11/12 on the anniversary of my first post!

Depending on participation, this celebration can get 10 winning anglers - up to a dozen free spinners in their mailbox.

Those are the drawing's spinner candidates. Depending on the number of contestants, you could win the leftmost top three (single winner) or you and nine other anglers could get a set of all of them (ten winners).

Comment to enter now or Read-on to find the Devil in the Details.
How it works

Enter as many times as you want - you cast more, you catch more fish.

I'll count up to 5 entries per angler.

Promote the drawing - better participation = more and better prizes

What's this mean to you?
More Comments = More Entries = Better Angler Odds
More Anglers = Better Prizes (more spinners) and more Winners

Catch that?

If you're feeling lucky - Spread the word. More anglers in drawing = more winners and more spinners for you.

After reaching 24 anglers, each time the number of 'anglers' in the drawing exceeds the next multiple of twelve, another winner and spinner is added to the drawing. The more anglers that enter, the more winners and spinners in each winning set -  up to twelve spinners for 10 winning anglers.

Notice the 'different' clause in the distribution below.

Distribution  -

Win3 - 1 to 23 anglers - 3 spinners in the pool - 1 winner get 3 spinners
Win4 - 24 to 35 anglers - 8 spinners in the pool  - 2 'different' winners get 4 spinners
Win5 - 36 to 47 anglers - 15 spinners in the pool - 3 different winners get 5 spinners
Win6 - 48 to 59 anglers - 24 spinners in the pool - 4 different winners get 6 spinners
Win7 - 60 to 71 anglers - 35 spinners in the pool - 5 different winners get 7 spinners
Win8 - 72 to 83 anglers - 48 spinners in the pool - 6 different winners get 8 spinners
Win9 - 84 to 95 anglers - 63 spinners in the pool - 7 different winners get 9 spinners
Win10- 96 to 107 anglers - 80 spinners in the pool - 8 different winners get 10 spinners
Win11 - 108 to 119 anglers - 99 spinners in the pool - 9 different winners get 11 spinners
Win12 - 120  plus anglers - 120 spinners in the pool - 10 different winners get a dozen spinners

Drawings are just more fun - for me - with more participation.

How to Enter drawing

To enter just click the blog title and then enter a comment to the Comments section at the bottom of the post.

Each comment you enter (that includes unique identifying info) becomes an entry number in the 2/11/12 drawing.

Each comment increases your odds of Random.org choosing one of your numbered entries.

Some anglers choose identifying  information when they comment, others use Anonymous.

Anonymous entries - A lot of anglers enter comments using 'Anonymous'.

If you're one of this crew, you'll need to provide some form of unique data in your comments to be sure I track your entries accurately.  I need to be able to differentiate and compile comments by person before winners get drawn, so add something unique that lets me keep comments sorted and tracked. This also lets me contact you if you win. e.g. eventually I need to collect mailing information in order to mail the winning anglers their spinners.

Some anglers use forum & ID, blogger IDs, Google IDs. A type and ID should do it. Spammers read blogs looking for email addresses. Although this works, you may want to avoid it.

More Fine Print -

I'll use the Random.org website to pick the winners. But due to the opportunity for multiple entries per angler - plus the lucky nature of certain anglers (not naming names!). It's possible that I'll have to provide a level of oversight - in the spirit of fairness.

Assuming 'excellent' participation and Random.org picks a couple of your comment entry numbers, You win your first one, but you're 'over the limit' on any others and I'll pick the next non-winner in sequence to receive them - your new best friend forever. The results matrix will show any of these situations if they happen.

February's drawing will be a Customer appreciation drawing. If you're not an FCS customer, there's still time - think about it!

Here's a link to the Fish Creek Spinner web store if you want to look around and opt in for February

Whew, Happy New Year - Let's get this boat in the water!
Posted by John Delaney at 5:32 PM

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