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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fly Tying Classes

Intermediate Fly Tying 2012 By Spokane Fly Fishers

 (Skill level – can tie without wrapping your material hand forefinger to the hook)

By: Dan Ferguson

I’m happy to report that intermediate fly tying is taking shape. I know those that have already signed up are particularly glad to hear this. We will be spinning, trimming, shaping, learning cripples, doing bullet heads, tackling soft hackles, doing some salt water, steelhead and a couple very interesting surprise patterns!

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This year there will be more discussion on how and when to fish these critters we tie. The tying sessions will be Thursday evenings 7 – 9, January 5, 12, 19, 26, February 2 and 9. We will meet at the Wildlife Council Building at 6116 Market (2 blocks South of Francis).

The cost for the six evenings of fun and learning will be 35, that’s if we have a minimum of 20 sign up and PAY. We will collectively purchase many of the tying materials, bundle the materials needed for each pattern and have a packet of each pattern materials for the tiers. The tiers would need to bring the basic materials that anyone taking this class should have, a vise, tying tools and thread. The fee increase will allow us to purchase the exotic materials. The change is also contingent on enough volunteers to do the packaging work. Hey, we can have a put it all together party!

We need a minimum of 20 to have the sessions. There are 13 signed up and I know of another 3 that will probably join. That leaves us 4 short. If you plan to tie please contact me as soon as possible. You don’t want these six evenings of fun, learning, bragging (some lying) to be cancelled because you procrastinated.

You can sign up at the December Pot Luck but for planning purposes we need to know NOW!

Call Dan at 509-868-9545

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