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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Southern Oregon Fishing Report Mar. 17, 2012

Southern Oregon Fishing Report Posted By Steven Theel Mar. 17, 2012

Southern Oregon Fishing Report 3/17

The big storm that hit us the last couple of days, has shot the rivers up, and left us with not many options for fishing this weekend. Everything has turned to mud except for the very upper stretches of the Rogue and Applegate. If you're wanting to get out this weekend that's where you're going to have to head.

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Outflows from Lost Creek Dam have jumped to 1400 which will make for decent fishing above the Hwy 62 bridge near the hatchery. This is going to be the only stretch of the Rogue that will fish this weekend until Big Butte Creek starts to clear up. Look for conditions to improve early in the week with a float down to Rogue Elk possible by Monday, and maybe even Shady Cove around then as well. There should be plenty of winter steelhead around, as 446 have entered the hatchery as of March 6th.

Phill Tripp put guide Charlie "Steelhead" Brown on this upper Rogue buck Wednesday.
The rest of the Rogue looks pretty bleak, except for plunking, for the rest of the week. The lower Rogue should start to kick out a few springers when the river drops back to a fishable level. The middle Rogue is looking like it will remain high all week, but could present an opportunity by mid-week if the showers that are forecast don't drop too much precipitation.

The other opportunity for winter steelhead for the weekend will be the upper Applegate. Fish were spread out from top to bottom, so there should definitely be fish up top with this storm. The Applegate drops and clears much faster than the Rogue, and even the lower section could be prime by Sunday or Monday.

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