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Friday, March 2, 2012

Southern Oregon Fishing Report Mar. 2, 2012

Southern Oregon Fishing Report 3/2
Another winter storm has come and gone, and March could be coming in with a bang. The storm gave us enough precipitation to raise most of the rivers to a perfect height, and the warm weather this coming week should put the fish on the move. Winter steelhead fishing should be great this coming week, and springers should start coming into the lower Rogue and Umpqua in force.

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Another chrome winter steelhead from the middle
Rogue by guide Charlie "Steelhead" Brown.
Lower Rogue - The lower Rogue had been running low and cold, and there hasn't been a lot of pressure. However, the recent storm has jumped flows up over 6500cfs, and the temperature has already started to rebound. Temperatures are forecast to be near 70 degrees in the valley to start next week, which should really jump the river temperature up. As the temp starts to rise look for springers to start moving through. Sitting in travel lanes with Rogue Bait Rigs will be the ticket for intercepting an early springer.

Middle Rogue - March is the typical peak for winter steelhead on the middle Rogue, and things are shaping up very well to start the week. Flows are right around 3000cfs at Grants Pass, and the temperature jumped up to 43 degress from the 39 it's been the past few days. Look for the temperature to continue rising, putting the winter steelhead on the move, and bite. Turbidity has dirtied up a bit, but it's fishable and will continue to improve as the week goes by. No one method should outshine the other, so anglers will want to use what ever they have the most confidence in. Pulling plugs, side drifting, and jigs under a float will all be great bets.

Upper Rogue -  The upper section of the Rogue will be the slowest area for the start of March. Winter steelhead continue to trickle into the hatchery, and the latest count is 286 as of Feb. 22nd. Things will continue to be slow as outflows will stay right around 900cfs and only 40 degrees. The warm temperatures may bring a few fresh fish into the Tou Velle park area early in the week, which will probably be the best bet for anyone not wanting to travel far from home. Fishing for winter steelhead will most likely continue to be slow until we receive a long stint of warm weather.

Guide Andy Martin put Richard, who is confined to a wheelchair, into his first ever steelhead Tuesday on the Chetco. He also followed it up with many more, including this one, the next day.
Chetco - Despite the very low flows this week, the Chetco continued to produce fresh winter steelhead. The recent storm brought the river up over 1700cfs which should improve fishing this week. The run typically tapers off during March, and anglers will find a mix of fresh and downriver fish. Pulling plugs, and side drifting will both produce.

Applegate - The Applegate experienced its first good fishing last week, but as the weather cooled down so did the fishing. Luckily the river is on the rise and warming up, which should improve the fishing this week. The lower river will be best, but the upper river has also started to receive a few winter steelhead.

South Umpqua - The South Umpqua didn't see much of a rise in flows from the storm, and should remain in decent shape through out the week. A fresh batch of hatchery steelhead moved in last week, and those fish should still be around. The best fishing has been near the Casino.

Tight Lines....

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