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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spokane Tribe Proposes Walleye Bounty

The Spokesman-Review Posted By Rich Landers Mar. 22, 2012

Spokane Arm of Lake Roosevelt.

It’s true the tribe had planned to pay tribal members $2-$4 for walleyes caught by hook and line in April and May – the spawning period during which public fishing is closed in the Spokane Arm.

Little else about the plan is clear – or if it’s still a go – since Spokane Tribe officials have not responded to phone messages or emails requesting information.

That’s a shame, because they’re unnecessarily angering anglers with the idea of a bounty on a sportfish.

The issue of walleye predation needs a full hearing, not more sandbagging.

The tribe’s modest plan to harvest a thousand or so walleyes out of the Spokane Arm likely would be good for all fish in Lake Roosevelt, including the walleyes.

Ample evidence suggests the Spokane Arm should be open to all anglers during the walleye spawn. Don’t be surprised if that’s among the fishing regulations proposals the state will be considering next year.

The issue will be explored in the Sunday outdoors section regardless of whether the Spokane Tribe wants to take part in the discussion.

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