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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sport Science "smarter t-shirt" Product Review

Several weeks ago I received a "smarter t-shirt" in the "heather sand" color from the Sport Science folks to do a review (unpaid).  So here is how it goes...

I am  basically a one-dimensional  fabric person...meaning...I like cotton.  Having survived the 70s and the polyester leisure suit thing, which I didn't like then or now, I am a bit skeptical of anything not 100% cotton.  But synthetic fabrics and the blends have been greatly improved since the 70s.  The fabric of the "smarter t-shirt" is  85% polyester 15% cotton blend and I had the perfect opportunity to test the claim that "sport science™ products are engineered to keep you dry and regulate your core body temperature, which keeps you cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold. Our dri-release® fabric rapidly wicks perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable".  That opportunity came with two recent snow storms we had.

I got all bundled up to run the snow blower and scoop the driveway and walkway  and since this activity requires some exertion on the part of this old man, I usually sweat like a horse under all the clothing worn against the cold and end up quite wet and then chilled.  Wearing the "smarter t-shirt" under a long sleeve corduroy shirt and my go-to outer wear of a lined M-65 field jacket I attacked the snow.  When done, I peeled off the jacket and long sleeve shirt to find I was much drier than usual underneath all that.  This is important to me because I may spend a considerable amount of time removing snow in the winter and in the spring and fall out in  sometimes nasty weather in pursuit of catching fish and I like to be comfortable without the wetting and chilling effect of perspiring under all that clothing.

 The Sport Science "smarter t-shirt" is light which is perfect for layering, has a soft, warm feel to it and it did pretty much what the Sport Science people claim.  And that one thing is important to me...staying dry.  It also washes up quite well with no shrinkage at all and comes out of the dryer feeling soft and warm just like brand new. 

The only drawback to this t-shirt is the same complaint I have about any t-shirt...no pocket.  I like a pocket to carry a pen and have a place to temporarily put my glasses, etc., especially when wearing a t-shirt during the heat of summer.

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Shoreman said...

Speaking of running the snow blower, after I came in from just that this morning, I had to change all my clothes because they were soaked. I'll have to look into this company.



WDSTK3 said...

I might have to run it again today. It's snowing while the rest of the country is having a heat wave! For hard-core cold weather I would go with the long sleeve. These shirts are lighter and less bulky than the usual "thermal" types.