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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lake Roosevelt Draw Down To Continue Into May

The Spokesman-Review Posted By Rich Landers April 24, 2012

RESERVOIRS — From all indications, the Lake Roosevelt draw down will continue into May with a possibility of lake elevations going to 1220 feet or lower. That's grim for anglers who will see another year of fish pouring over the dam and out of the reservoir.  Full pool is 1290 feet above sea level.

Expanses of bare shoreline will be showing in upcoming weeks.

As lake level goes down, boat launch ramps will begin to close with all ramps being closed if the elevation goes below 1222 feet.

In order to prevent archaeological and resource damage, driving on the drawdown is not allowed, Lake Roosvelt National Recreation Area officials say.

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Shoreman said...

Hey Howard. Is there a reason for the draw down? They did that at Caples a couple of years ago, but for dam repair. They have a reason?


WDSTK3 said...

Yes Mark...getting ready for a big run-off which has actually started. Sometimes there are draw-downs for dam repairs or other such projects but this is mainly for water volume control. They did it last year too. I talked to the WA and Spokane Tribe fisheries biologists a month ago and they told me that last year they opened the net pens before the draw down not realizing it was going to be so drastic and basically lost a whole year's production of new fish...Not good.