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Thursday, May 3, 2012

AZGFD Fishing Report May 3, 2012

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Rory's tips:

Grab your chuggers, poppers and stick baits -- the Palo Verde trees are blooming and bass are chasing shad, it's definitely topwater time. Plus the bluegill are spawning and the threadfin shad are getting ready to spawn.

Most bass are in the post-spawn mode right now and are feeding aggressively. This is the time when you might just hit 40- 50- and 60-bass bonanzas -- if you are at the right place at the right time.

I recommend setting up a number of fishing rods with your favorite topwater baits. When the action gets hot and heavy, you definitely want some backup in case one outfit gets out of action, or they quit bitting on your favorite topwater lure.

Take along binoculars to spot surface boils. When you find them, don't zoom you boat directly to the boil, but to the side of it so you don't spook the fish. If you can, cast past the boil and then work the lure back through it. If you don't know how to "walk the dog," then find someone who does and get a tutorial, even if it's in a swimming pool.

I am getting great reports from all the lakes, so as far as I am concerned, they are all hot spots on any given day.

There is by far more information in this report than one can shake a fly rod at so go here:  AZGFD Fishing Report and get the whole report along with numerous fine pictures!

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