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Monday, June 11, 2012

Winners Of The First Annual Sprague Lake Trout Derby

First Place:  Clinton Hartman of Sprague, WA 4# 9oz   21.5"

Second Place:  Marrissa Young of Sprague, WA 4# 8.5oz    22"

Third Place:  Victoria Houston of Spokane, WA  4# 8oz   22.75"

Congratulations to the winners!  And to the survivors of a rough day on Sprague Lake.

Bone chilling wind and rain kept some especially those with small boats off the lake.  The Fishing Posse crew launched our 19' boat a little after 0600 hrs and it was pretty much a grind until I woosied out at about 1500 hrs.  It took three of us to get the boat back on the trailer fighting the broadside wind and white capped waves.

But we did end up with four Trout in the boat which were all nice keepers but not near big enough to check in for the Derby.  I caught three nice bows  (some fool forgot to bring the camera so no pics) using a WDSTK3 Rapier Hoochie Rig with an orange/green bead combo and an orange/white/glow Hoochie in tandem behind a WDSTK3 Thumper Troll.  The Hoochie head was packed with Fire Bait for some attractant and flavor trail.  Sprague Lake is not very deep running in the 15'-20' range with some shallow, rocky reefs that sneak up on one in a hurry and I did lose one rig but darn!...It was with a fish on and not from a bottom snag.

SLUG (Sprague Lake Users Group) is already planning for next year's Derby.  Even with the lousy weather there was a good turnout and there are still plenty of big Trout to be had in Sprague Lake.   In the mean time, the weather is appearing to straighten out for the coming week and we will be hitting a few other spots in the area before our major camping and fishing trip on Lake Roosevelt.  Plans are to camp and fish at Keller Ferry in about two weeks.  Hopefully the weather behaves and the fish are stupid!

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