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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mountain Muskies Chapter 60

Mountain Muskies Chapter #60 of Muskies, Inc

Mountain Muskies, Chapter 60 was formed locally in June 2010 to serve the Inland Empire area. Mountain Muskies is a chapter of Muskies, Inc. (www.muskiesinc.org) the premier Muskie organization in North America. We are a family-oriented organization promoting and improving the sport of Muskie fishing. We do this with our YOUTH programs, encouraging and training young people how to catch and handle the Tiger Muskies in our area. Secondly, FISHERIES programs support and encourage our fisheries state departments to stock and maintain Tiger Muskie populations in several local lakes. We encourage their introduction into additional lakes. We educate the fishing public how to catch and handle these large and magnificent fish correctly so their populations are not reduced. Thirdly, we assist RESEARCH programs supporting Tiger Muskies by securing grant programs, and hands-on support of fisheries research projects where available.

We encourage you to become a member of our local chapter. You will enhance our ability to be much more successful in all of these areas and further insure that we will have these exciting fish in our waters for many years to come. Tiger Muskies are a sterile cross between Northern Pike and the Muskellunge. Muskellunge or true muskies are not found in our Northwest waters. Since Tiger Muskies cannot reproduce, this fishery needs the support of fisher(wo)men such as yourself to encourage their rearing and re-stocking into our lakes annually.

You will enjoy being a member of our chapter. Our Chapter meetings are on the 4th Tuesdays in March, May, July, September, and November at 6:30 p.m., at the VFW Headquarters, 300 W. Mission Ave, in Spokane. We not only conduct business to support the goals listed above, but also to educate our fellow-members with “how-to” presentations covering how and where to catch Tigers. We do not keep it a secret. We want YOU to catch them, take their pictures, and properly return them unharmed to the water. It is not an easy task to struggle with a four foot long monster and release him before he dies from the mistakes you may make. Most of us have unknowingly and unfortunately made those mistakes before we were members and became informed on how to correctly handle them. We guarantee you will be shaking with excitement after catching your first big Tiger. Also we plan for several chapter Tiger fishing tournaments we conduct during the season where we enjoy the camaraderie and competition in those events. We also join in a tournament challenge annually at Curlew Lake with the NW TIGER PAC Muskie chapter from the coast vying for top honors. You will have fun in these events. Much more so than just fishing by yourself trying to figure out how to catch a Muskie.

2013 Tiger Muskie Tournaments: June 22, Silver Lake, open to public; July 13, Newman Lake, open; August 24, Curlew, members only; September 7, Newman, open; October 5, Curlew, open.

Your membership will also qualify you to receive the Muskies, Inc. national magazine with further information on tips, techniques, product information, chapter reports, and feature articles on our Muskie fishery. You name will be published in its national Muskie Log if you catch enough or a big enough Muskie.

You can keep up to date with Mountain Muskies Chapter 60 activities at our website,  www.mountainmuskies.com  or call (509)263-7235 or (509) 680-5404 . DON’T miss out on all the fun this fishing season.    JOIN WITH US!

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