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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Spokesman-Review Outdoors Blog Mar. 1, 2013

The Spokesman-Review Fishing Blog By Rich Landers Mar. 1, 2013

Lake Roosevelt Water Levels

 RESERVOIRS — The level of Lake Roosevelt was 1275 today and likely will be stable for a while.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation anticipates the elevation will be in the 1275 -1276 range through the next week. Currently, Grand Coulee Dam is being operated to meet the minimum tail water requirement of 11.8 feet below Bonneville Dam for chum.

The flood control levels are the maximum elevation for Lake Roosevelt. Other factors such as power demand or supplying water downstream for fish can result in elevations under the flood control elevations.

The flood control elevations are as follows:

    March 31 - 1282.3 feet
    April 30 - 1260.8 feet

These elevations can and probably will change with the March water supply forecast.

This is only a prediction and can change due to weather events, power demand or other unforeseen power emergencies.

Get daily lake level forecast by phone, updated daily at 3 p.m: (800) 824-4916.

Also, check out this new NOAA site with Roosevelt levels and a list of boat launching elevations on the same page.
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